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Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot

Posted on 13/05/2017


Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot
Dress to impress at Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot!

Dress to Impress!

Are you are looking to attend a sporting event that will give you the opportunity to dress to impress? Attending the racing days at the Royal Ascot may be the perfect place for you!


Ladies Day, in particular, is sure to attract the fashionista in you since women wear colourful dresses and unusual hats. However, if you are a man attending the extravaganza of flat five-day racing – which is one of the earliest dates on the British horse racing calendar – you also have the opportunity to dress elegantly. Men are also strongly encouraged to wear a shirt and tie, but if they wish to enter the prestigious Royal Enclosure then black or grey morning dress is required including top hat and waistcoat.

However, as the name of the day suggests, the emphasis is firmly on women. Many will wear summer dresses – given that the event takes place every June. The day is famous for the unusually-designed and brightly-coloured hats that lots of women choose to wear.

For the first time, jumpsuits are to be welcomed at Royal Ascot even in the Royal Enclosure. But beware – strapless, off the shoulder, shorts, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not permitted.  Also bear in mind that midriffs must be covered at all times.

Whether you choose to pull on some extravagant headwear yourself or simply want to see some of the crazy concoctions that other women wear, you are bound to have a good time on ladies day at Ascot.

Fascinators are also on the ‘not permitted’ list in the Royal Enclosure but are acceptable in all other areas.



Military bands perform before the actual procession takes place. The royal family attends the event every year, sweeping into the course from Windsor in their gilded carriages. This route is right past the Royal Adelaide Hotel which offers ideal close by accommodation for race-goers.

There is also the opportunity to try some delicious food at the numerous outlets. You can also participate in a traditional sing along with the band at the end of the day.

While such events – especially the fashion aspect – form a large part of Ladies Day, you should not forget that racing and betting is the key focus of the day.

And if you’ve ended up backing a long shot winner or your horse did not even make it out the gate, you’re bound to have had lots of fun on Ladies Day at Ascot and will already be planning the extravagant hat you can wear for the next event!


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