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Legoland Windsor

Posted on 06/03/2017


Legoland Windsor is great for a fun family outing and is one of Windsor’s most popular attractions! Continue reading for more information…

Legoland Windsor

Lego – Still as Popular as Ever!

Lego building blocks are more popular today than ever. In a digital age of i-pads and wifi enabled toys, the Lego brick has endured and thrived against all odds. In 2013, there were 1,750 lego items made every second! With so many different buildings and great obstructions that are created with Lego, the possibility of what you can make with the tiny bricks is endless. When young children play with Lego they are often problem solving whilst in a world of pretence at the same time. They bring out the creative side in anyone and are loved by people of all ages.

The History of Legoland

The first legoland was built next door to the Lego factory, founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949. Legoland park was opened in Billund, Denmark on 7th June 1958 and remains the largest tourist attraction in Denmark. Since opening its doors it has had over 50 million visitors!

The Lego Group began to research plans for a second site after the success in Denmark. Over 1,000 sites were considered before settling on the Windsor Safari Park’s 150 acre land. New homes were secured for all the safari’s animals and planning preparations went into motion. In 1996 Legoland Windsor park opened its doors and attracted 1.4 million guests during the first season.

In 2005 the park was attained by Merlin Entertainments, who currently operate the park today with Lego Group retaining 30% part ownership. During 2015 Legoland Windor had 2,250,000 million visitors! These statistics make it the 9th most visited park in Europe. And, the most visited park in the United Kingdon!

Legoland Windsor Park Areas

Legoland Windsor

The park is made up of 12 different themed lands consisting of various attractions, shops and restaurants. Legoland Windsor park areas include:


The Beginning

The Beginning is a colorful area that hosts the parks entry and ticket sales. If you have any questions while visiting, you will find the Guest Services where employees are on hand for assistance. In this area you will also find ‘Hill Train’. This is a 3 foot 6 inch narrow railway down a curved slope, using abandoned vehicles from Brazil. It is the only attraction that has been maintained from the Safari Park. It was revamped using stained glass windows built with clear Lego bricks by school children. Travelling 300 meters, it transports visitors from ‘The Beginning’ into ‘Lego City’. Also available at The Beginning is a sweet shop, model making studio, Star Wars store, Hill Top Cafe and much more!


Lego City

Formally known as Traffic, Lego City is themed around transport. Customers can sit in the driving seat and steer a course on many of the interactive rides including air, road and water vehicles. Balloon School: users can experience the ups and downs of a hot air balloon ride. Guests pull on the gas valve cable to increase altitude. Coastguard HQ: A fun battery powered boat ride where customers must steer around various obstacles. Fire Academy: Test your teamwork and speed skills by putting out a Lego burning building! L-Drivers: Children aged 3-5 can earn a Legoland Driving License after driving a Lego car around a realistic course.


Imagination Centre

The Imagination Centre is features educational attractions and workshops full of fun learning activities. Some of these include The Discovery Zone area which is perfect for guests seeking to learn some essential Lego design and building techniques. Check out the Ninjago Store, an exciting new interactive area where you can meet your favourite characters. There is also a unique immersive play area where customers can test and display building skills. The Exploratorium hosts more of the parks educational workshops. There is lots to do in the Imagination Centre!



Miniland is a miniature park made up of nearly 40 million Lego bricks. It consists of towns and cities from around the world at a scale of 1:20. There are also a number of animated models that interact with one another. The motor vehicles use cables under the path that charge overnight. These cables emit radio wave signals to steer the vehicles. Along with lights and sounds, the whole Miniland park is run by 14 computers that use 300 kilometers of underground cabling.


Heartlake City

Formally Lego City until redecoration in 2015, Heartlake City is based on the Lego Friends. It consists of two rides that opened in May 2015 – Heartlake Express and Mia’s Riding Adventure. The area also features a pirate stunt show that was introduced in 2017, and a live music concert performed by Lego Friends.


Land of the Vikings

Set sail through uncharted waters at the Land of the Vikings! Spinning Spider: Sit back and enjoy the log spin for a fast, dizzy ride. Watch out for the giant Lego spider lurking above your head! Vikings’ River Splash: Join the Viking crew and prepare for a thrilling adventure. Surge downstream through uncharted waters in a Viking fantasy world constructed of millions of Lego bricks.

Kingdom of the Pharaohs

Search for hidden treasure in this ancient land! Whilst exploring the Kingdom of the Pharaohs venture into the Bazaar and check out the assortment of souvenirs. Brave the rides including the Scarab Bouncers, Thunder Blazer, Desert Chase and Aero Nomad. Also in this area is Laser Raiders – an interactive dark ride where visitors shoot targets in an Egyptian tomb to gain points.


Knight’s Kingdom

This area features The Dragon rollercoaster which reaches speeds of 30mph. There is a Dragon Apprentice ride for younger guests which offers plenty of thrills and spills.


There are many more fun filled area to explore at Legoland Windsor! We don’t want to list them all and ruin the surprise – it really is a great day out for all the family with tons of rides and attractions.


Location / Nearby Hotels

Legoland Windsor is situated just outside Windsor centre on the B3022. It is just a 10 minute drive from the Royal Adelaide Hotel – the perfect location for any out of town guests who want to stay in Windsor for the night. We offer great rates with 5% off when you book with us direct. Book a room online »