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Something Old Something New Ideas

Posted on 24/07/2017


something old something new

Wedding ideas for something old something new, something borrowed and something blue.


This old bridal rhyme has been a wedding tradition since dating back to 1883. The traditional rhyme gives details of what a bride should wear to her wedding to bring good luck and fortune:

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

We have put together some gift ideas to help tick these boxes on your special day.

Something Old (represents community)

The vintage look is a big trend now, and there are lots of ideas you can use to incorporate into your wedding look.

Ancestors Jewellery

Ask your relatives for any jewellery that’s been passed down from a grandmother, aunt or family friend. It could be a necklace, brooch, bracelet or pair of earrings, or perhaps something special they wore on their wedding day. Perhaps there is an old wedding veil in the family? Veils don’t date too much, so it could be something to help on your budget too.

Family Photos

Perhaps you have lost a loved one in the family that you wish could be there on your special day? You could search for some old family photographs to frame and put onto a table as a loving memory for those who couldn’t be there. For something smaller you could add a photo into a locket to wear around your neck or hang from your bouquet.


You could sew a button from a father or grandfather’s favourite shirt into the seam of your wedding dress. This is a wonderful way to take pride in the men in your life and make them feel special.


If you don’t want to wear a full piece of ancestor’s jewellery, you could take a diamond or gemstone from a ring and incorporate it into your wedding band. This way you have something to last forever too which is even more special.

A Vintage Car

Vintage cars are becoming more popular for weddings, plus they look great in the photos! Perhaps you have a wedding photo that you love from your Grandparent’s wedding – why not try to recreate it on your own wedding day!

Something old ideas

Wedding Ideas – Something New


Something New (represents optimism for the future)

This is usually the easiest one the fill, as you will already have lots of items purchased for your big day. It could be your wedding dress, a piece of jewellery, a hair piece, flowers, or table decorations. If you want to go for something different here are a few more ideas:

New Perfume

Surprise your new husband to be with a fresh scent on your wedding day. It has been said that our sense of smell is the strongest link to our memories. Every time you both smell this perfume, it will take you back to your wedding day. You can keep it after and wear it for anniversaries to for added nostalgia.

Something new ideas

Wedding Ideas – Something New


The flowers used to decorate your wedding will be new. You could keep a few of these afterwards, press them and put into a frame as a gift to yourself.

New Initials

If you’re taking your spouse’s surname, you will also be gaining a new monogram. A great idea is to incorporate this new monogram into your wedding dress, sash or ribbon.

A Key

If you and your new spouse are buying a home together after the wedding, wear a shiny new house key as a charm in your bouquet or bracelet.


Something Borrowed (symbolises borrowed happiness)

Originally the bride was to borrow something from another woman who has had a long and happy marriage. By borrowing an item of hers, you are in effect inheriting some of her good luck which will hopefully stay with you throughout your marriage.

Double Up

You don’t have to have one thing for each item on the rhyme’s list. For example, a piece of jewellery can be old and borrowed, or a perfume can be new and borrowed.

Items on Hire

Have you ever dreamt of holding a designer handbag but could never afford one? Well why not hire one for the day!


Something borrowed ideas

Wedding Ideas – Something Borrowed


Perhaps during a friend’s marriage, you fell in love with their first dance song? Or maybe something that was said in a speech has stuck with you. You can borrow these ideas and use them as inspiration in your own wedding. Ask permission first if you think it will be wise to do so!


No-one cooks as well as Grandmas – right? A great idea for something borrowed is to use your grandma, mothers, or another favourite cake recipe.


Something Blue (stands for purity, love and fidelity)

This is perhaps the easiest of all, especially if you have blue in your weddings colour theme. Below are a few ideas.

Stitch the Date

You could stitch the date of the wedding in blue into the seam of your wedding dress. This will add as an extra memento!

Add Blue to Your Colour Theme

This can be as obvious of as minimal as you like. You could try blue flowers, a blue piece of jewellery, a simple blue ribbon on your bouquet, or even blue shoes!


Try some blue cocktail recipes and hand them out to your guests! An easy recipe is blue lagoon, all you need is vodka, ice, lemonade and blue curacao liqueur.

Blue Garter

Sometimes it can be hard to find something blue when it’s not in your weddings colour theme. Or maybe you hate the colour blue! A blue garter can act as something discreet.

Something blue ideas

Wedding Ideas – Something Blue


Sixpence on your shoe (for good luck)

This is a traditional good luck gesture. Traditionally, it is the father of the bride who places the sixpence in the bride’s shoe as a token of love, happiness and prosperity. It’s been decades since sixpences were around. So unless you have an old sixpence from a relative, you can try looking on eBay or use a lucky penny instead. Wear it in your left shoe, if this is uncomfortable you could put it in your bouquet or incorporate one into a piece of jewellery.


Wedding Venues

If you are looking for a wedding venue that can hold both the ceremony and reception, try the Royal Adelaide in Windsor. Their Windsor suite can hold 100 guest for the marriage ceremony, and 80 for the reception. If there are more than 50 guests, the bride and groom are offered the complimentary honeymoon room on their wedding night! Guests also receive preferential accommodation rates. For more information, please contact [email protected]



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