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Top Ten Tips to Plan a Successful Conference

Posted on 10/04/2017

We have a lot of businesses use our conference room at the Royal Adelaide. It is important to plan your  meeting successfully, which is why we have put together

10 helpful tips to help plan a successful conference.
tips to plan a successful conference meeting

1 – End Goal

Sit down with your colleagues, or by yourself with a pen and paper, and determine the end goal of the conference. Is it to secure new clients? Generate revenue? Gain publicity? Keep this end goal at the forefront of your mind as you plan the rest of your conference.


2 – Set a budget

How much are you willing to pay for your event? Search for any resources that can be used for free or included in the conference venue price. Venues such as the Royal Adelaide Hotel Windsor include all extras such as projection screen, stationary, printer, Wi-Fi, flipcharts, tea and coffee breaks, and more.


3 – Location

Attendance is crucial for your conference meeting. Set a location that is easy to travel to and that is in the same city as or close to your participants. With the Royal Adelaide Hotel, Windsor being so close to Heathrow airport means that international travelers don’t have pay for expensive taxi rides into London.


4 – Set the agenda

Put together a detailed timeline for your conference. Plan in short breaks throughout the day to split it up and give your audience a chance to digest the information presented to them. Try and keep things interesting by having a mix of formal speakers, some small group workshops and networking time.


5 – Choose your guest speakers

Find speakers that know your topic well, are exciting, knowledgeable and innovative. Look for some videos of their previous talks to see if they are suitable. When communicating with a speaker make sure you provide amble details so they can customise remarks to your audience. Make sure you are on top of their travel arrangements and other needs.


6 – Arrive early

Make sure you arrive early to your conference before your guests. This gives you time to get familiar with any equipment you need to use. Tour the facility to make sure everything is in place and that the rooms if fully prepared to your requirements.


7 – Encourage participation

By making others feel comfortable and relaxed, you are creating an environment for strategies and ideas to develop. Go around the table and make sure everyone has been introduced to one another. Ask your participants questions and get their input on certain topics. This will keep them engaged and focused on the topic at hand.


8 – Keep notes

Encourage your team to keep notes throughout the conference. This is a great way to stay focused and make sure all information is being digested.


9 – Marketing

Make sure you market your conference well. Add notices to your website and social media platform, and send out memos to all your guests. Add an RSVP so you can get an idea of the numbers attending. Give your attendees a breakdown of the day, the location and parking details.


10 – Get feedback

When the event is finished, send out a survey with a prize for a random entry. Give people the incentive to tell you their thoughts and find out what you could do to improve your conference for next time.